Didn’t take any pictures of my base today but there aren’t any builders coming free anyway. I just took a bunch of pictures of attack logs, they are not as engaging as live or real attacks but they show a snapshot of the targets I’m aiming for. These are mainly just casual attacks, no serious farming because it is not needed.

As you can see, most of my raids do not get the 4k I usually say. This is because I am lazy to press next more often and my DE would overflow if I did. I am only getting a free builder in 24-36 hours, I can raid for whatever loot I like and would still overflow before my builders are done.

Below are my defense logs, showing how little loot I actually lose in defense.

Lost one huge raid where I offered 700/638k because I was busy in work. However, look at everything else! I lose about 250k/250 per day due to defenses and my average loot loss is 160/160k.

So does having weak defenses harm me in any way or form? I’m losing almost no loot despite having TH4-5 defenses, why? Because I know that Sun Tzu said “appear weak when you are strong”. My base is deceptively weak and seems easy to take down, but this attracts much weaker attackers than what maxers normally see. This allows me to trick these weak attackers and they fail against my strong defenses. CC electro dragon is basically the only troop defending me and its good enough to stop many weak attackers in their tracks.

So how does spending hundreds of millions of gold and months of time help in terms of reducing loot stolen? It doesn’t!

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