Warden just reached lvl10, which is great. His growth slows down pretty quickly but he’s still the fastest growing thing in the entire game.

Since warden buffs different troops differently, it’s hard to gauge his real benefit but I can certainly estimate. The below example uses barbs, bowlers, miners and valks which are boosted considerably by warden. Warden doesn’t boost troops much for anything above the hp of giants, but I will include golems in the comparison below.

Barb lvl8205255268307348
Bowlers lvl3350435458525595
Miners lvl580089493510751225
Valks lvl612001294133514751625
Golem lvl769006994703571757325

Unfortunately after the HP buff, miners can no longer gain the full buff of warden, he is hard-capped by the linear, constant HP buff from warden’s aura. For example, lvl10 warden provides a 31% boost to HP, but no more than 135. Hence, miners cannot receive the full 800*0.31 = 250hp boost from warden and can only receive 135 bonus hp.

Because each different troop has a different base hp, the magnitude of warden’s buff varies. Using miners for example, they gain 53% hp from a maxed warden whereas golems only receive a 6% hp boost (the main reason why golems suck).

The purpose of the table is to show that lvl5 warden is half as good as lvl20 warden and lvl12/13 is half as good as lvl30. Barbs gain +50 hp at lvl5 warden and another +50 at lvl20, then another +40 at lvl30. This holds true for all levels of warden. Despite this decreasing growth, nothing else in this game grows as quickly! Army camps barely give any growth after TH10 and almost no troop outgrows warden.

The main purpose of the warden is to stop power creep because SC doesn’t want to create super strong troops for higher TH levels. People will only donate these troops and use them to wreck lower levels, just look how siege machines revolutionized TH10. However, tying almost all growth to warden isn’t right as well because you almost cannot do any storage raids without him because he provides +2 to +5 levels to all your troops. This is why I always push for a buff towards army camps and troop strength

SC should also limit clan castle donations so that they don’t hamstring high levels just to appease lower levels. There was a really dark time in CoC’s past where TH10/11 were massively screwed over because SuperCell didn’t want to ruin TH9’s balance. Now fortunately SC has been the wrong and disregarded everything about TH9 to balance TH10+. Now they just need to fix TH12.

Gems for builder potion, can be worth it. The 45 hours normall cost 350-500 gems so 285 is pretty decent especially since I can boost 3 heroes using this.

I’m also too lazy to wait for AQ so…

Ouch, I can’t spend gems so willy-nilly though. I want to save them for TH12 and use them to complete AQ and Warden levels at an insane speed

White walls coming nicely, 2 heroes upgrading with 2 army camps and one elixir storage. I need to upgrade elixir storages now otherwise lvl15+ warden cannot be upgraded. These storages used to cost 7 days each, they are now only 4 days which is appropriate

Queen going to lvl41 and I still have almost 10 pictures for this day, so I will split my post into two parts now. See you again in 12 hours

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