Didn’t take a picture of the last 3 days. Life just got really busy now so I need to actively remember to take pictures of my base. I will be extremely busy up till almost end of June so I hope I still have time to play and post in my blog.

This is now 3 days since yesterday’s post, I’m now working on the last 2 elixir storages and one elixir collector. At this point of time, there was no mention about any reduction in cost, so upgrading these are justified. Furthermore, the discount for elixir storage is only 1 day so I might as well complete it so that I can afford the final few warden levels.

Warden going to lvl12 now, he will complete 1 week after AQ. Unless I spend some effort and books to get AQ to lvl50 faster, hmm…

Attack log:

Just showing how good loot is, its crazy that people stay in TH1-9 to farm crap loot and they don’t want to go to TH10/11 because “loot penalty” Loot penalty doesn’t exist in this game, you don’t get less loot for being higher TH level. People think that loot gets worse at higher levels, which is dumb.

Final look at my base today after finishing an elixir storage

Now upgrading a barrack because it is my only lvl11 barrack remaining, chose not to use a book because its only 7 days long. It will be reduced to 5 days after the update but having faster training miners should be better than waiting for the update. Anyway, the picture was taken in February when we didn’t even knew about the changes.

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