Wow, new offers. This is going to be a theme for the next few weeks with new offers coming in every few days. Among these offers, the 3rd one costing rm39.9 (USD$10) is the definitely the most worthwhile. It gives around 21 days of value and 3 builder potions. Gold rush is definitely a scam because 2 builder potions don’t cost USD$5

AQ going to lvl45 today, that’s about 12/462 = 2.6% growth in dps which is ok I guess. As expected, she is about 70% as strong as lvl60 right now which shows how linear growth really stunts them greatly despite having 60 levels.

Miners going to lvl4 right now because I think it might be the most useful troop to upgrade right now. Loons and healers don’t appeal to me yet because they cannot be used for farming right now (and I might regret this decision *wink wink*)

Loot used up now, with miners in lab and AQ upgrading. Walls not looking too great in comparison with heroes so I will definitely finish heroes before walls. Not much to worry about though, I would be able to slowly work on walls and still finish them before my defenses are even caught up.

Warden going to lvl14 right now, he will be maxed in 7 weeks which is still a long slog. Consistency and hard work will eventually bring me to my goals so I’m not too worked up. Rushing is not a shortcut, it just streamlines your progress and cuts unnecessary corners. It also removes any self-imposed restrictions that maxing does

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