Did a gold storage upgrade instead of BK despite having enough DE because I wouldn’t have any free builders otherwise.

Bought the “everything must go” pack which contained 1 book of everything, 1 book of heroes, 3 builder potions and 5mil gold. It really has some crazy value for just USD$10, no question at all whether or not to buy it. That’s about 21 days of saving + 135 hours (5.5 days) from the builder potions, insane. Normally $10 only gives 1200 gems which can only complete a 9 day upgrade or a hero upgrade with 200 spare

The pack allowed me to overfill my gold till 13.5mil which allows me to afford the Eagle Artillery upgrade which costs 10mil gold. There are only two important TH11 upgrades costing more than 9mil which are: clan castle and eagle. After the next update, clan castle will no longer cost that much so upgrading gold storages are now really unnecessary as first or second priority TH11 upgrades. I will update that part of the guide when the update drops.

Eagle upgrading now and it is going to be painful. Eagle is one of my linchpin defenses which fires continuously while noobs circle my base. Without it, I dread to see what will happen in the next 10 days.

If I upgraded BK, I will have no available upgrades for the next few days. But if I don’t upgrade BK, I will overflow on DE and cause some heartache as my loot just overflows and disappears. Not sure what is the best choice now

Lvl9 walls: 4 * 7 = 28mil

Lvl10 walls: 11 * 6 = 66mil

Lvl11 walls: 217 * 4 = 868mil

Total = 962mil to go

Actually making significant progress compared to last week but I still think that I will max out walls before heroes like all previous TH levels. I’m not worried though, I have all the time in the world in TH12 to max all my walls.


  1. There’s some crazy value packs released atm, which I think is a great business/marketing strat by SC. It’s a no-brainer. I mean how can you forgo saving 20+ days with $10 USD (that’s less than $1/day). Unless of course your earning power is less than that, which I don’t think is the player majority in COC.


    • Yes, it is mad. I’ll probably spend a bit here and there but these packs are really tempting to just spam.

      One $10 pack is equivalent to a dinner for two in a restaurant though, in my currency :/ Fortunately I can save a lot of money in other places


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