Pretty much similar progress as yesterday except I did one gold mine upgrade. BK is awake now because I couldn’t afford to upgrade him but I can upgrade him tomorrow after my gold storage is done. However, if I do so, BK will once again wake up around the time of AQ. Its so hard to plan out 7 day vs 5 day hero upgrade timers. In the past, everything was 7 days so it was very easy.

Now, hero upgrades are much shorter and people still claim TH9 has one of the toughest grinds. In reality, the cost of DE and time is almost halved since the past and it is no longer a grind. People who max out TH9 should not be celebrated, because it is a dumb achievement. Maxing out TH9 inevitably leads to wasted resources and time, it is also not really hard too. Celebrating someone that maxes TH9 is like celebrating someone’s first STD. This is why I’m so exasperated when a maxed TH9 gets so much praise from reddit while my base gets barely any.


  1. Your progress is amazing and definitely an inspiration. Redditors I find are just sheep lacking common sense only upvoting spam posts that they deem “humorous” or accomplishments that don’t take much effort.


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