I actually didn’t mention it in the past few days, but I joined CWL in a separate clan as shown above. I only had lvl1 electro which were pretty weak so I spent all 5 of my power potions to get lvl2 electro with lvl7 loons. This is why I am upgrading electro to lvl2 now.

My clan was in crystal 3 which was right because we didn’t bring any TH12 into our first CWL. Unfortunately, many of our enemies had 5-7 TH12 which made it pretty hard for us. We did win 2 wars and maintained in 6th place.

Unfortunately I forgotten to take the final screen cap of how many medals I won but I got a pretty decent amount. I will show the pic of my medal count in another day

I’m now upgrading BK to lvl30 which is maxed TH9 BK, people get a ton of praise for reaching this milestone. Lvl30 is so easy now, people think that lvl30 is half way done when in reality its only 25% done. DE and time cost are the lowest in lvl1-30, reaching lvl30 is only 25% done compared to lvl1-60.

Again, 3 heroes upgrading with eagle and a skeleton trap. This will pay off in the future when I finally max heroes, it is going to be fun.

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