Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had my graduation ceremony after finishing medical school yesterday. I also didn’t schedule any posts because my laptop broke down on me for the past week. I’m now using a potato laptop to do my research and post in my blog. Enjoy my second post one hour after this.

Farmed a little of elixir so that I could upgrade my warden. He’s going to lvl17 right now so it will be another 4 weeks before he’s maxed. I will focus on AQ first though, now I’m 147k away from a lvl50 AQ so I’m quite excited for that. Warden can wait.

Now it is time to decide when should I upgrade to TH12. After maxing AQ and warden, there is really no longer any strong upgrades left for me to do in TH11. The only thing for me now is to just work on collectors and find the right timing for TH12. Ideally, I should’ve started my TH12 upgrade about a week from now but I didn’t do that, oh well.

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