Its crazy that everything has become cheaper and there was a further discount in the gold pass. In my impression, I only thought the builder discount only included gold/elixir. I never thought that hero DE cost and walls would become cheaper! I also somehow didn’t think that builder upgrade timers were buffed too! It was crazy when I found out those were discounted as well. Blown away in fact.

I also didn’t think that the training boost affected troop training times. Yeah, quite a paradox but I thought that only elixir cost was reduced. With the gold pass, you can do 4 barch attacks per hour, that actually boosts my gold/hour all the way to 2mil gold/hour easily!! I’m capping my gold/elixir at an unprecedented speed, its insane. If you ever want to rush, buy the gold pass so that your progress is accelerated greatly.

With AQ and warden maxed, I only have BK left. He’s now only lvl33 going to lvl34, he will be lucky to be lvl40 once my AQ reaches lvl60. I will put 100% of all TH12 DE in AQ until she is maxed, not a drop into BK until then.

This is actually a good underrated change, notice the list? Now you can see all your upgrades that you can make which allows a good informed decision about what you want to upgrade adn what you need. Unfortunately, there is no timer beside so I don’t know the upgrade timers which are more important to me. I don’t care at all if something costs a few million gold, but I can’t make a decision without knowing how long it is going to take.

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