Just another day of upgrading, lots of short upgrades and sometimes I forget to take a picture of my base. It gets annoying sometimes, trying to remember that. Anyway, I’m maxing my final gold storage after it has gotten its discount, can’t say no to extra gold.

Bk going to lvl35 now and my de is going to explode before the 5 days are up. The problem is whether I upgrade bk to lvl36 because it would mean that I would have less builders working on my new th12 stuff. If I do not upgrade bk, my de will overflow like rivers while I wait for my th12 to complete.

Finally gotten 20 stars here and I can claim this minuscule amount of gems. I’m doing pretty well this clan war leagues actually, many of my enemies are th10 and I can easily squash them for 3 stars while they struggle against my base. I don’t understand what they’re struggling with but I somehow only conceded 2 triples in the entire 7 days


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