Ah, finally maxed storages and I’m all prepared for TH12. I have a 15% discount on everything in TH12 with the golden pass and I will abuse it to upgrade all the expensive stuff. I plan to upgrade two heroes (queen + warden), dark elixir storage, the new 5th tesla and something else. I will not build siege workshop yet because I can get them for free from my other TH12s

Time to update my TH12 guide: https://clashguideswithdusk.net/2018/06/30/th12-guide-earlymidlate/

Quite outdated now and it should be updated pretty soon. Quite busy these few weeks so I’ll get to it asap.

Tons of short upgrades

Forgotten to show that I bought a 1-day shield 2 hours after this picture so that I could keep all my loot and it allows my collectors to fill up while waiting

This is how I filled my storages, it only took me 1 hour of boosting to go from 0 to 10mil easily

Just see how much loot I can get as a TH11, this is why I now actually think that TH11 has much better loot than TH10. Most TH11 dead bases actually have their collectors upgraded and lvl8 barb is just so good. I would not hesitate someone with 20/20 heroes and TH9 defenses to rush straight up to TH11 to enjoy the great loot. Warden can also be completed faster if you rush and that allows you to use barbs that are 2x as strong as TH10 barbs

Lab progress before I reach TH12:

Basically maxed barch, maxed electro loon, maxed miners and bowlers upgrading to max in lab. Pretty good base for TH12 troops

I also have 501 medals ready to be used once I reach TH12:

Of course I would spend almost all of them on builder potions with maybe one hammer of fighting. That means I can get 25 builder potions or 1125 hours of saving! That translates to 225 hours (almost 10 days or 2 levels!) off AQ + 225 hours off warden + 225 hours off 3 different buildings.

With the gold pass, builder potions have also been buffed while hammers have been nerfed. Now, builder potions are undoubtedly the best option in the entire shop by a long shot. I will make another post regarding this afterwards

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