While I still have the season pass active, I will use the 20% discount to upgrade wallbreakers in lab. They are one of the best upgrades for TH12 since everything else doesn’t grow well enough. At least I can break TH9 walls more easily now. Luckily I managed to start this upgrade before they dole out the season bank rewards…

…which caused me to overflow till 27mil/27mil/322k resources. Fortunately I have planned for this in advance otherwise I would be like the sorry noobs in reddit/forums complaining about too much loot. Really, people rather complain than to prepare to adapt to the situation. If you really overflow so much resources, why don’t you just dump it all into walls and use some gems to instantly complete some hero levels?

Time to rebuy the gold pass, but unfortunately it would take quite some time even to get the 10% bonus that I figured I would waste more than 2.7mil just to get that discount, so I didn’t bother getting the discount

Started on the right foot by getting a maxed AQ asap so that I can use her forever now until TH13 is released. At least she is pretty powerful at lvl60, about 50% stronger than lvl40

Omg, that is just so juicy. Book of everything and book of heroes just for $3.50? And the regular 400 gems on top of this offer? 500 gems usually cost $5 so getting 400 for 3.50 seems like a good deal. The books will definitely help with warden as he is still underleveled so I would definitely buy this pack although it isn’t as good as the gold pass itself

Spent 313 of the 400 gems right here

Warden to lvl25

Yup, used another book I just bought over here. I would actually say that it was $3.50 well spent! And I still have enough elixir to upgrade him yet again, so he’s going to lvl26 straightaway

Spent all my remaining gold on walls since my giga tesla is still only level 2 by now. The only upgrade worth doing at full price is lvl5 giga tesla, otherwise everything else doesn’t really improve my defenses by much. Lvl3 eagle is a double-edged sword because it needs more troops before it starts activating which is dumb. Lvl3 eagle should start firing much earlier rather than later, its one of the weakest defenses in the entire game right now

Grand warden upgrading to lvl26 right now and I have 7 days to work on my elixir storages otherwise I can’t afford his next level. My elixir cap is only 10.5mil right now so I can’t upgrade another level of warden without at least the 10% discount from the gold pass. At least my warden is nearly maxed out now, I only need 46mil more elixir without discounts to max him out.

Done lots of walls using the excess gold and wall rings I’ve gotten from the rewards list.

Lvl11: 71*9 = 639mil

Lvl12: 181*5 = 905mil

Total = 1.44bil loot to go until maxed walls

With the gold pass discount, its closer to 1.15bil which isn’t too bad admittedly. BK is only lvl34 or so right now so I still have another ~6months of hero upgrades left, I should be able to max walls before that.


  1. I recently just found this website and have looked into your way of playing the game, and I am wondering if it too late for my account to start rushing. My account is a th9 with maxed th8 defenses from th8, but all the new buildings are really low leveled. I’ve been following your th9 guide as well. So should I keep on following your guide, or just abandon my account and start a new one?


    • Its never too late, you’ll eventually be slower than if you rushed from the beginning but still faster than starting all over again. That what you learned and progress on, spend 2-3 weeks in TH9 then rush to TH10 to enjoy the good loot


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