Sorry, being too busy these days. I’m doing my thesis write up along with its corresponding presentations as well as writing cover letters for job applications. Expect my posts to be erratic as I get whatever free time to write these blog posts

Anyway, I’m quite keen to get this month’s gold pass reward especially with AQ’s skin. The quests seem harder this time round with lower points, probably because it was too easy previously. Spoiler: its still too easy now as I got all my rewards by 9-10 days

Loot is so easy to farm, even at TH12. The healer task in the season challenges showed me how strong QW barch is, and I’m now addicted to it. It is still slightly slower than straight up barch but I can choose to use just the barch and not the QW to get loot in the base. Since I maxed my AQ, I don’t need to farm so fast anymore. Thus using something more fun would serve me well. It is also a reward for me maxing my AQ so quickly. Imagine that, maxing my AQ in about 7 months of playing. It would be far fetched to find a maxed who maxed TH9 heroes at 7 months

I have to upgrade BK soon. Not sure why I upgraded my archer tower when I could easily afford BK. It might be a mistake on my part. Anyway, my last 2 army camps would be complete in 3.7 days and I would be almost done with my offense upgrades in TH12


  1. As there is a book of everything in the clan games rewards, what would be the best thing to use it as? Like use it as a book of heroes, fighting, building, spells, which one is the best?

    Also I have a book of building and I can’t figure out whether it is worth it to use it to upgrade a barracks for electro dragons.


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