Just a quick update here, spent all my loot into walls. I was also able to dump my DE into BK. He’s the only real place I can dump DE now, that’s why it is overflowing all the time. Once BK is closer to max, I might change to using mass bowitch but now I need the extra loot from barch. Using bowitch would be disastrous to my wall progress

Wow, this picture just shows how far off my progress is compared to what I have now. I apologize for all the late posts, I’m working 70-80 hours + writing my thesis + preparing for presentations + applying for a job. Once 12th June rolls over, my schedule should be much lighter and I would be able to post on time.

BK going to lvl36 now, warden still upgrading. My last two army camps almost done. All in all, good progress

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