Just going to show off all the upgrades I’ll be doing first. Book of buildings is usually only worth it for 14 day upgrades, but upgrading barracks mean I farm slower which is worse. This is why besides using them on 14 day upgrades, using BoB on barracks (at least for the last 2 levels) is quite worth it. I’m only saving 8 days here, but its 8 days where I could have lost 33% of my loot.

Currently at 275 army camp space, used that builder to upgrade an elixir storage. I need them maxed in order to upgrade warden further, unless I can unlock the 10-15% bonus quickly. This picture was taken on 4th May which meant that I have not unlocked those discounts on the gold pass yet.

Warden going to lvl26, I will need to speed up if I want to get him maxed soon. Spoiler: he gets maxed very quickly.

Fuck, lost my draft here. I actually completed the post and now I have to rewrite it from here. Screw it

1.3bil remaining for walls

Defense log

Losing more loot than usual because I’m in Masters 1/2. I’m here because I’m using QW barch

QW barch gets more loot per raid but less loot per hour. The training time is the main killer here

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