First two pics showing me maxing my warden was taken on 8th of May, while the following pics were taken on the next day because I forgotten to take more pictures on the 8th

Upgrade to lvl30? Yes yes yes!

I can’t wait either, so he’s now maxed. With a 70% boost to my barch army, it allows me to rush through enemy bases and actually 2 star decent bases with just simple barch + wall wrecker. This power boost is really insane, and it allows me to hit those 600-900k bases without much issue. So much for using miners, because they cost so much more while only being marginally better.

After using maxed warden for a day, farming is amazing. Barch can now punch into bases and shrug off even multi infernos. Barbs with 340 hp is crazy good, I love that buff that SC has made for barbs. It was an appropriate buff and all troops and defense should honestly get huge boosts every time they are upgraded. This buff made TH11 farming much more lucrative so don’t hang around in TH10 anymore, just go to TH11 and start your warden.

This view is just amazing, 60 AQ and 30 warden. Exquisite

This is now my last hero, he’s only lvl36 and will take another 5 months to max. That timeframe isn’t really an issue because I don’t need BK for farming nor war. I’m probably going to max walls before maxing BK though because walls are easier than the time gate

Next post will be Day 226 as well, to show my CWL results. It will come out in another 12 hours


  1. Hi sin,

    I need an advice
    Do you think I should left my builder idling for wall farming? Currently on super long holiday (1 month) and I could spend 12 hrs a day on clash for farming. The upgrade time is crazy long, it’s getting boring because I got full storage everyday.

    Short info about my stats:
    138/300 Lvl 12 walls
    L15 GW
    L47 AQ

    Thank you 🙇


  2. Hey Sin,

    I’m currently TH10 with walls 1 level behind max, Heroes 10/22 and Baracks 12/12/9/9 + DB 7/5 ..
    i read your guides and daily post since i startet around 3 month or so and you helped me so much.
    this game is so much more fun when rushing the right way 😀

    My Question is: Should i rush to TH11 and start warden or max walls or baracks before? Your guide writes that I should nearly max walls, baracks or collectors? But starting the warden grind early seems to be super important.

    Nevertheless thank you for this awesome guide 😀


    • Yeah, I think it should be safe to rush to TH11 straightaway. The guide was probably not updated after barbs were buffed. After that buff, TH11 became much stronger and loot is super easy in TH11 as well. Max your warden which will take 3 months and work on AQ during that time. You should be able to have decent heroes by then


  3. Hey Sin,

    I need your advice:
    Should i stay in TH10 a little more or Upgrade to TH11 and start farming for Warden? You wrote in your guide to either max Collectors/Walls/Baracks. In your daily post you adivce to Upgrade to TH11 early and start farming for warden.

    My upgrades:
    Max Barch/WB
    Walls 175 lvl 10
    BK/AQ 10/23
    Baracks 12/12/9/9 DB 7/5

    Thank you in advance!


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