Upgrading all my gold storages now, I need the 12mil storage to upgrade giga tesla to max which is probably the single biggest defense upgrade in TH12. Unfortunately upgrading eagle is only decreasing its utility because it takes more troops to start it. Eagle is already half useless because it only fires once or twice before it is taken down. At least giga tesla does damage when you lose the defense.

3 gold storages upgrading, I must be pretty desperate at this time.

If you all have not read the news, recent sneak peeks have revealed that there will be a new magic potion introduced which is the Research Potion. More info can be read here:

This research potion seems to be what many people have been asking for, a potion which cuts down research time by… 9 hours. They were clamoring for this when we already have books that can instantly finish an upgrade thereby saving 320 hours. At least builder potions have 5x effectiveness with 5 builders, but research potion is absolute trash because you only have one lab. This is why I disagreed with this idea in reddit yet many people downvote me because they don’t understand how useless it is. I don’t blame SC for introducing this, I blame the community who wished for this.

Some people would say “if you don’t like it then don’t take it” or “they are free in clan games and events” which misses the entire point. By introducing this potion, SC has diluted the magic item pool for a discount book of fighting. It doesn’t really affect me because I would still always choose the research potion, but some people like training/hero/power potions which will decrease in frequency. Worst still, I can totally imagine SC reducing book of fighting and spell just because we have this potion now and give us this crap potion instead of books in clan games.

The second major change is the nerf to builder potions. They used to cost 15 medals only and now they will be increased to 30. This is completely expected because builder potions were undoubtedly the #1 choice in the entire shop. It beats hammer of heroes by 2-5x depending on how many heroes you can upgrade. Even after the nerf, they are still one of the best things you can buy from the league shop.

With the gold pass, if someone costed 10 days originally, it would be discounted to 8 days. Hammer of building would therefore save you 8*24 = 192 hours if you used it. 1 hammer = 4 builder potions and that would ave you 4*45= 180 hours. 10 days (or 8 for no pass) is the breakeven point. A better idea if you are lower leveled is to save up your medals and use them when you have longer upgrades. Don’t buy builder potions until you have upgrades that are 10 days long (ideally longer). For rushers, prime upgrade choices for hammer of building are: the Town Hall itself from TH11 to TH12, Giga tesla lvl5, Clan castle at TH12. Otherwise, there aren’t really many impactful upgrades you can do using hammer of building.

The third change is the new cooldown to hammers which I honestly don’t mind. Too many players are salty because they cannot instantly max out after an update. Imo, players are forgetting what this game is about. This is not a game of CWL and hammering all your upgrades. This is a game about progression primarily. I cannot understand why people play this game if it is not about progression, if they want a competitive PVP or strategy game, PUBG, Fortnite and DotA2 seem like better places for their time.


  1. Why don’t you giveaway a account ? Like minisin
    I mean you don’t seem to be able to do much on a maxed th12 like minisin so why not give it away?


  2. Hey Dusk,
    Just wanted to ask I just got up to th10, and already prioritised my builders on CC, army camps, lab, spell factory and I wanted to ask your opinion if I should upgrade walls first or defenses? (P.S I’m not a type of person who does war a lot)


    • It would be too OP by then and that would make it rarer/more expensive. We already have something that cuts the timer by 100%, so adding something like that would be redundant


  3. So I recently stumbled upon your guide from reddit and have been following it up and have reached th7. While your guide is efficient, I have noticed much discussions of warring. Is there any particular troop upgrades you would do TH7+ if I were to war?


    • Wars for TH1-10 are pointless and a waste of time. Your initial efforts should all be going to building a strong account. After 2-3 months of playing the game, you should be a TH11 and you can unlock electro dragons which allows you to 2-3 star even maxed TH12s. Before that, I would say just join CWL for the medals and use whatever troops you have


  4. I agreed with you that the research potion was trash, but I just had another thought that made me reconsider my opinion.

    You’re right, a builder potion saves 45 builder hours while a lab potion only saves 9 lab hours. However, it is exactly because there are 5 builders that 1 hour of lab time =/= 1 hour of builder time. Ostensibly, 1 hour of lab time equals 5 hours of builder time. Example: if you had 50 days of lab upgrades and 250 days of building upgrades, they would finish at about the same time because you have 5 builders but only 1 lab.

    A builder potion would allow you to reach max TH12 building-wise 9 hours earlier. Same for lab potion for the lab!

    This is also why book/hammer of fighting is a lot more valuable than a book/hammer of building. Booking a 14 day lab upgrade allows you to max lab 14 days earlier, but booking a 14 day building upgrade only allows you to max buildings about 3 days earlier. Therefore, I think hammer of fighting or spell is unequivocally the best choice in the league shop after the builder potion nerf.

    What do you think about the above?


    • Your assumption is right if total lab time = total builder time, however this is not the case. Total builder time is about 18-24 months, depending on gold pass, builder potions etc. Total lab time is 3.5-4 years, thus it would take an extraordinary amount of hammers to bring that lab time to a reasonable amount to be compared with builders.

      Furthermore, you need to think about value as well. You technically can thrive as a TH12 with just 5-7 maxed troops, leaving everything else at lvl1. If you upgraded everything of value, the remainder hammers are just used for the sake of upgrading stuff, not for actual use in wars. For example in tinysin, I have almost nothing left to upgrade in my lab unless the new update shakes the meta greatly. The only real thing left in my lab are lvl4,5 witch and lvl1-8 pekkas. Defenses are slightly different, everything I upgrade will be used in my base.

      I do see your point, but I wouldn’t choose hammer of fighting unless a huge meta shake up demands for it


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