This picture obviously wasn’t taken on 18th of June, but rather one month ago. Stay tuned for an update to my progress on the first day of the update. The progress will follow SinOfDusk who is farming full speed ahead to max heroes asap.

I don’t know anything much about the update except that I need to farm hard to max out my heroes. Not many people has given comments about anything new except people in legends whining, as usual.

Working on teslas and other defenses now that my collectors are maxed. At this point of the game, there really isn’t much for me to upgrade anymore and I’m just upgrading stuff for fun now.

Witches going to lvl2 now and I will need to upgrade them to max so that I can use them in CWL effectively. I also need to max out bat spells and/or skeleton spells. I managed to get witches and bat spells to near max until SC released the new AQ levels. I will put them off first while I max out rage spell first I guess


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