Its hilarious how reddit finally understood why some people like me were against the research potion. They don’t provide much value at all and have the same value as builder potions. We have warned that this would happen but reddit didn’t care. The last 2 months of clan game rewards were already quite weak, I wouldn’t be surprised if they become weaker with more fluff in the magic item pool.

And the research potion has been revealed to cost 70 gems in the trader, what a joke. That’s barely a discount if you compare it to gemming it outright

SC was really liberal with magic items initially so that we were hooked on it, now they are becoming harder to obtain and we are still addicted. Remember the times we had when there were events almost every week and we got like 2-3 free books on top of clan game rewards? Remember when clan games used to give quite a number of books? Where are these rewards now? This is entirely predictable and expected behavior actually.

BK still upgrading, just another 24 upgrades to go. I was farming in a pretty relaxed manner at this point and still I was overflowing DE like crazy. After I max lvl65 AQ, the status quo will return and DE will overflow too. The most surprising thing about the update is that dead bases are still really easy to find. I can farm on 3 accounts using barch and still need to wait for my army. It takes less than 3 min to find a dead base, loot is just really good for TH12 right now despite everyone farming their heroes.

Fairly useless here. The $3 pack (RM12.9) with 3 builder potions may be good if you want the power potions for CWL and training potions for farming. For me, 3 builder potions alone isn’t worth my money especially with how much discounts the gold pass gives. This costs 60% of the gold pass and isn’t a fraction as good. Also, at that time builder potions were still dirt cheap so I didn’t have the impulse to buy it. Right now after the update, I may be persuaded to buy it if I want to complete upgrades quickly and if I want the power potion.

Not too sure why this picture is here, probably just want to show my points

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