Time to stretch my farming muscles again and max my heroes. How fast would it take to get 65/65/40 heroes, I wonder? No joke, this post was delayed because I spent my entire day farming. (And no joke that SC had to force a maintenance break for me to stop playing the game)

I just finished my thesis about 2 weeks ago and I have way too much free time now which is perfect for my farming right now. This is why I can play so much now, compared to about 3 weeks ago

First few things I need to upgrade, basically all heroes need to be upgraded asap. I had 12mil/12mil/240k ready for the update, with 3mil/3mil/25k in CC along with full collectors and 1 of each book/rune + 5 of every single potion + many repeat books in the gold pass rewards. I only had hammers of fighting and spells because I refuse to waste my medals on hammers.

Now I need to farm another 69k DE to upgrade BK lvl61 (cost 188k). I could have easily spent this DE to upgrade AQ but I want all 3 heroes done asap, so I have to sacrifice some AQ progress for BK. Some people just went to town, using books and hammers to max AQ immediately which imo isn’t a good idea. But they can do whatever they like

I farmed another 1mil elixir and booked the warden. I need to focus on him the most because he has the most levels and thus would probably cost the most gems. Finished lvl61, started lvl62

Immediately used another book of everything to get him to lvl62 immediately.

This thing is crazy good and having one free every month is just overkill. Filled up back to 12mil elixir, then started warden lvl63. Forgotten to take a picture of him right at this moment but you can see him later

Used 2 hammers to complete rage spell and golem. There aren’t any other troop upgrades so golem is the “most useful” troop to upgrade in this update. So far they are still very useless in my cc, not worth to upgrade if you have multiple troops to do.

No joke, these attacks were done at 11pm my time which are actually bad loot hours for me. Usually loot is good from 4am to 8pm everyday but somehow at 11pm, post-update, non-golden hour, I was still able to find tons of dead bases and looted like crazy. The loot was so good that within a boosted hour, I was able to farm up the 69k DE for BK

No more BoH here so have to spend gems. There are 2 BoH in my gold pass but I actually haven’t attained enough points to redeem them, thus I have to clear some tasks to get them

Similar to what I did with warden, used a rune immediately. I didn’t use a rune in the first place because I had a ton of DE in my storages already and I didn’t want to waste it. I wanted to make sure that my storages were empty before using a rune like this.

Should I gem my AQ again?

Based on these pictures, I think I may have made a mistake and lost 48k DE here. I gemmed AQ and used a rune while I still had 48k DE in my storages. Ouch, this is going to bite me back later

Warden going to lvl33, AQ probably going to lvl63 and BK going to lvl61 right now, with 2 mortars upgrading. Elixir is also back to 8.9mil and I just need another 700k to upgrade warden again

Yup, AQ at lvl62 going to lvl63 right now. This means that I have made the mistake of using a rune of DE while having 48k in my storage. These pictures really show my mistakes, wouldn’t even realised it if I didn’t take screenshots so meticulously

Left my lab empty. I figured that since I used two hammers already, I can consider myself “ahead” and thus not upgrade something in the lab. Overall, it would serve me better if I upgraded something here but I want to max my heroes asap and upgrading spells would mean that I’m neglecting heroes. I will delay my lab for a while until AQ/BK are both maxed

One more picture taken after getting another 700k elixir, gemmed warden and upgraded him again. You can see my gem count from 11,894 in the first picture and now only 9462. The biggest sacrifices require the strongest wills

Bought builder potions at this new price, still a little upset about the nerf but it was inevitable. With 3 heroes upgrading, it is actually more worth it to buy builder potions than hammers. It is also considered criminally insane to upgrade mortars using hammers, so don’t do that.

Needed to sleep, it was midnight at this point and I farmed up my fill. Quite happy with my first 3 hours of this new update. I boosted my builders for 10 hours and retired for the night.

Rise and shine and I did all these raids even before the sun came out. I wouldn’t say you’re wrong if you think I’m obsessed. Being unable to play the game for 6 months now, being able to farm is really exhilarating. I would make a guide on how I perform these attacks soon, but do realise how many 1 star wins I get with just simple barch in Masters 1, with no heroes and sparing usage of cc + spells. My attack log as shown is why I don’t see the need or strength of miners when I can just simply get loot so easily

With those raids, I have farmed 9.6mil again and now its time to upgrade warden

This picture was taken at night, about 24 hours after the update. Farmed up 192k DE again and AQ is ready for her next level. Second to last level, within 24 hours of the update, isn’t that crazy? These runes and books really made life so much easier, its mad. I used to farm and maxed my heroes within 2 weeks and now it seems like I can complete them within 4 days

This is the end of the first 24 hours, 60/63/35 heroes already! With all 3 upgrading to boot! I also have 8.3mil elixir in my storages which means another 1.3mil to my next warden level.

This concludes my first 24 hours of the update. The next few days will have less pictures as I have almost exhausted my magic item supply and hero upgrades may slow down. At this rate, I can most probably max heroes before Sunday rolls over


  1. Very impressive, but I don’t see the point in using so many magic items and gems just to max heroes and lab quickly after this minor update. You’d just be maxed again and then lose incentive to play. It doesn’t hurt to finally reach 65/65/40 one to two months later, so why not save your inventory for TH13?


    • I will have at least another 6 months or so to save up my magic items again. Why save 1.5k medals and 12k gems, never using them? Furthermore, my future job prospect will determine whether I get to continue playing this game. Worst case scenario, I would start a 100-hour week job in Sept and would never have the time to play anymore


  2. Which war troops do you recommend for a new TH12 for the CWL coming up? I’ll be TH12 in 10 days. I have level 5 miners which I can max, lvl 2 edrags which I can max, a level 50 queen and level 5 healers also. Should I upgrade those or find a different war troop? I’m pretty far away from max with witches, bat spells, etc. id have to use power potions if I wanna use them in war attacks


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