This photo was taken on 18th June when the June update released. BH9 and extra hero levels were released, which I grind fairly hard for. Quite happy with my lvl65 AQ and lvl40 warden which I have at present day. Overall update was 6-7 out 10 despite all my comments in previous posts

I only have a picture of the value pack in the builder base, but not the home base. This pack above is quite bad and not recommended. The sad thing is that BH9 didn’t receive a good pack with lvl4 lava launcher, so almost no one bought it. The home base pack had like 20mil elixir, 300k DE and 3 books of heroes for $20. I didn’t find the pack worth it and hence didn’t buy it.

First day of the update and I was focusing all my efforts on my main account. I only started AQ lvl61 here so that I could complete her quickly.

To read my progress on main account:

I didn’t have another builder to upgrade warden. He is a main priority as well because how much be boosts barch. I focus on AQ first because she has only 5 levels. Once she’s done, I will slowly work on warden. If I worked on warden first, I probably wouldn’t be able to max AQ so quickly. I might even have both AQ and warden non-maxed if I focused everything on warden first. Ultimately, I’m trading warden progress for AQ here


  1. Can I join your clan. My th 10 has lvl 16 queen in 9 weeks of playing. I really like your advice. Can you let me join Bonnie Empire. My account is Bright Light. I have th 7/8 defences at th10


  2. Can I join your clan. My account is Bright Light and I am a th10 with lvl 16 queen and th7/8 lvl defences in 9 weeks of playing. I am really good at barch


  3. Are you going for the 6th builder? I just upgraded to BH8. I’m a TH12 halfway to all level 12 walls, still working on heroes/storages but the builder would be really nice. I’m far away but I think it’s still worth going for


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