The title of this post is for the google search algorithm. Below is a CoC link which will copy this base. Please do use this base if you like it, trust me, it really defends well.

Defense log:

Just look at how little loot I actually lose despite having such weak defenses. Even those TH11/12 with strong armies can’t really punch through my base. I recommend having maxed CC electro to help defend your base and setting all xbows to ground.

Overflowing DE again with 5 days till BK is done and almost 3 days before my lab is done. Its painful having AQ maxed (not really). I’m doing more defense upgrades now that my offense is almost completely maxed. Cannons are really good upgrades which cost only 12 hours without any discount, this allows me to dump loot into walls constantly so that I can finish my walls asap


  1. The base link associated with this article has expired (base links expire if no one follows the link for 28 days). Alternatively, you could upload the base link to one of the popular base sharing websites (most of those now have bots that automatically keep base links alive indefinitely).


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