This picture was taken after they announced that builder potions would be nerfed, so I planned to spend all my medals on builder potions before the update dropped. Nobody knew when the update would drop so I just bought as many as I could and

Time to boost builders like crazy, that would allow me to spend my DE. Each boost like this would reduce 225 hours which is almost 10 days of upgrade, very good.

As I previously discussed, there is still a role in builder potions because they can complete heroes faster than hammer of heroes. In my opinion, it is also not worth it to buy hammer of buildings just to upgrade some useless defense

Builder potions are still worth it



I was able to complete a crap ton of upgrades during the 5 hours. Now I’m only waiting for my BK to complete before I can spend my DE

Nothing else to upgrade besides defenses. At least the base looks really good now

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