Upgraded bat spell in the lab because I need to keep the remaining DE for BK. Not a good idea to have hero and lab completing at the same time if you want to upgrade dark troops. There are almost no elixir stuff for me to upgrade anymore so I am only upgrading witches and bat spells now.

BK waking up in 13 hours, need to farm another 20k more DE for him. If I upgraded witches, then I may probably need to farm 40-60k more. Resource management is pretty important

Need some suggestions on what to upgrade right now. I am currently focusing on bat spells and witches then will probably work on pekkas followed by ice golems. I’m not too sure where to slot in freeze spell which is something quite important as well. I maxed out rage spell after they introduced the new level because why not. Honestly, between my different accounts, lvl3 to lvl6 rage felt no different at all.

Again, not sure why this picture is here, but I guess its just showing the crap challenges that I refuse to do, like using bad troops. Even if I had those troops maxed, it is pretty unlikely that I would use inefficient armies to get points that don’t matter. If these challenges appear early in the season then I would be forced to do them but since I have maxed out my rewards, I don’t need to do these anymore.

Edit: I realised that this shows the time remaining till the end of season and that I would need to spend another $5 soon

Buying a builder potions to skip 9 hours of BK upgrade time, too bad they are nerfed now. I’ve made statements on why they are really useful if you have 2-3 heroes upgrading, below is a post I made in reddit:

Now, hammer of building always trumps builder potion if you are buying through the league shop. Builder potion = 45*4 = 180 hours saved compared to 336 hours (269 hours with gold pass)

The catch here is that hammer of building only decreases time for buildings and not heroes. If we compare with hammer of heroes, builder potion wins by a landside (45*5.5 = 247.5 hours) vs hammer of heroes 168 hours. In fact with gold pass, hammer only saves 136 hours which is almost half as efficient as builder potions for the same cost.

Builder potion decreases the time cost for everything regardless of the gold pass and does not care what you are upgrading. So if you are working on 3 heroes, each builder potion cuts 27 hours from your hero upgrades. If you use 5.5 builder potions, that decreases the time by 148.5 hours which is more than what the hammer of heroes give. In addition, it also decreases the time of 2 defense structures by 99 hours. This is where I drew the conclusion, ” With 3 heroes upgrading, it is actually more worth it to buy builder potions than hammers”.

With just 2 heroes upgrading, builder potion decreases each hero upgrade by 18 hours. Using 5.5 builder potions, it will decrease the time for heroes by 99 hours which is 20% lower than the 124 hours using hammers. However, builder potions will also decrease the time for 3 other buildings by 148.5 hours which still puts it ahead of hammers. You sacrifice 25 hours on heroes for 148.5 extra hours on buildings. I consider this as the breakeven point of using builder potions

End of quote. I would like to add that hammer of building is worth it for TH11/12 upgrades, especially offense (army camps, clan castle, barracks) but hard to justify spending hammers to upgrade defenses. Otherwise I would advise to spend hammer of fighting to max out necessary troops. However, if you have played the game for a year, you would probably run out of stuff to use hammers on. Hammer of heroes is still pretty much crap so don’t buy it unless you really find it hard to farm DE.

Season bank rewards, lol. Does this make the first half of my post today wrong? Maybe. Do note that I only have 284k DE here, which means that I must have spent the DE on BK already because season bank gives 250k. I puts a new perspective now, I bought a builder potion to speed up the BK upgrade so that I could start his next level before the season pass expires so that I got a 20% discount on his price and time. And now with the season bank rewards, I can gem him and upgrade his next level.

Bought the gold pass right after this picture, pekka king is nice and quite worth it

Gemmed BK and upgraded him again

BK going to lvl45. This means another 20 levels to max, not bad actually.

Lvl11: 29*9 = 261mil

Lvl12: 124*5 = 620mil

Total = 881mil (705mil with discount)

Compared to my post 5 days ago, I have actually completed 140mil worth of walls. Well, about 50mil came from the season pass so I actually farmed about 60-70mil after the discounts. Not bad actually, this would puts my expected completion at about 2 months. Looking forward to maxed walls, then I can do whatever I want. But then the game would become quite boring


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