I figured to speed up my progression to maxed TH12 by spending some of my medals. I previously spent 500 medals or so to buy 30 builder potions before they were nerfed. Now that builder potions are not so worth it, its time to buy a hammer every week until I finish my medals. Each hammer used will reduce the total time to reach maxed TH12 by about 1.87 days/44.8 hours (11.2 days/6 builders).

Builder potions are less efficient than hammer of buildings unfortunately if you are focusing on defense. If you have 2 builders upgrading heroes, builder potions win out. Each hammer reduces 44.8 hours (gold pass active) and cost 120 medals while builder potions reduces 9 hours, costing 30 medals. Adjusting for price, its 44.8 vs 36 hours meaning that the hammer is 25% more efficient than builder potions.

It is only more efficient if you are a rusher or TH12 though because we can skip 14 day upgrades using hammers. For TH11 and below, builder potions are actually more worth it. The longest TH11 upgrade is 10 days which skews the calculation. Builder potions retain their efficiency regardless of TH level which is great.

10 days/5 builders = 48 hours skipped

8 days/5 builders = 38.4 hours skipped (gold pass)

10 days/6 builders= 40 hours skipped (OTTO)

8 days/6 builders = 32 hours skipped (gold pass and OTTO)

4 builder potions = 36 hours skipped

For TH11, builder potions are worth it if you have the gold pass and OTTO unlocked. Do take note that for all intents and purposes, you don’t need to have the 20% gold pass active for the calculations to work. As long as you have the gold pass, even if you haven’t unlocked the 20% discount, the math works the same.

For TH10 and below, builder potions are always worth it. There is no situation where hammers can beat builder potions. However, spending builder potions are such lower level means that you will not have many medals at TH12 level (opportunity cost). It is up to you whether it is worth it to spend the builder potions. If you have 2 heroes upgrading, feel free to buy builder potions because they are worth it.

For heroes, the math is slightly different because hammer of buildings cannot skip hero upgrades. Hence, we need to split up the upgrade timers. Using a builder potions with 2 heroes upgrading means that you are skipping 18 hours of hero upgrades and 27 hours of building. Each hammer of hero is worth 5.5 builder potions and skip 7 days (168 hours) of hero upgrades. Buying 5.5 builder potions allow you to skip 99 hours of hero upgrades. In addition, you also skip 148.5 hours of builder upgrades. This pushes it to be better than hammer of heroes. It gets better if you have 3 heroes upgrading, have the gold pass or if you have 6 builders.

Comparing with hammer of buildings, you are only a third as efficient on builder time (336 vs 108 hours) but you gain 72 hours of hero upgrade times which is worth the cost (0 vs 72 hours for hammer vs builder potion).

Hammer of fighting is in a separate category on its own because it works on lab. However, more than half the lab is fluff so buying a hammer of fighting is like throwing away medals to me.

I previously discussed it in detail here as well

No picture of my base to show today.

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