Didn’t write a post yesterday because I didn’t prepare one before going for vacation. Just went to Indonesia twice in the last 3 months and now my ads feed are all Indonesian, pretty annoying.

This picture above is typically seen at the end of day when I complete my farming. You can see full storages while I wait for my next builder. I have completed my thesis at this point of time and was enjoying my week off. Right now as I’m writing this post, I’m preparing my thesis for publication so I would be a little busy the next 3 weeks.

BK going to wake up after half a day. I plan to spend all my gold/elixir on walls while I put my overflowing DE on BK. This is how I complete so many walls so quickly, with cheap upgrades or hero upgrades. I also manage to farm about 2-4mil even on my most busy days because I just farm efficiently and not waste time/loot on useless raids

I made this comment that elixir for walls should be removed for TH9 as well here:

The reason why I say this ties back a little to history. Initially, walls for elixir was first introduced for lvl8 walls and above. This meant that TH8s could hide all their elixir leaving nothing for TH9s to steal. With the walls costing 500k each, no TH8 would have gold/elixir to raid. This was way back when people were mainly storage raiding and TH9s were so strong that storage raiding TH8s using gibarch was super easy.

After that change, TH9s faced a huge loot drought which affected TH10s as well. Dead bases were much rarer back then and most people just couldn’t find any loot. Before the change, elixir was super easy to farm because nobody had use for elixir. Once your offense is maxed, you couldn’t spend elixir on walls and everyone overflowed on elixir while maxing walls using gold. Suddenly, there was a huge elixir drought and people couldn’t make armies because there wasn’t any bases providing the elixir necessary for training troops.

SC realised their mistake really quickly and reverted the change within a month. This restored the economy, allowing TH9s to farm TH8s again thus allowing loot to flow into TH10. Back then, dead bases in TH10 were unheard of, and being a TH10 meant that you have to next past TH7/8 while finding good bases (hence where the myth of the “loot penalty” comes from)

Back then, lvl8 walls cost 500k and that had a deleterious effect on the economy. Now, TH9 walls cost 500k and 1mil for lvl9 and lvl10 respectively. This is why TH9s can so easily hide loot and think that they are defending well. The main reason why there isn’t much affect on the economy now is because there are many idiots who are overflowing storages in TH9 while maxing heroes and the main bulk of TH10 farming now focuses on dead bases. Still, with all the discounts on walls, I think that TH9s should not be able to hide elixir so easily.

The crux of the issue here is that you should be required to save up till your loot cap before you can spend your loot in walls. The loot cap is when you cannot lose more loot despite having more loot in your storage. For example, the loot cap of TH10 is 3.33mil and you lose a max of 400k loot. 3.33mil*0.12 = 400k maximum loot loss. Even if you had 6mil in storage, you would only lose 400k max; even if you had 25mil in storage, you cannot lose more than 400k from your storage (but you can lose more from collectors and treasury).

TH9 walls used to cost 1mil/3mil (lvl9/10) which had a fair reason why elixir for walls was necessary for TH9. Locking elixir for walls behind lvl10 walls wouldn’t be a good idea back then because a TH9 could simply use gold for lvl9 and elixir for lvl10 to hide their loot. Now that walls cost a fraction of TH9’s loot cap, I don’t think its fair that they can so easily hide their loot anymore.

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