A lot of people will make some sort of celebration in reddit saying “heroes are maxed”/”AQ is maxed” and what not. Then when you click in, you see that they are only lvl40 or lvl50 proclaiming “maxed”. I don’t really know what the definition of “maxed” is but I presume that it must be at least lvl65 for BK/AQ? Doesn’t “maxed” mean that something cannot be upgraded anymore? Evidently lvl40/50 heroes can still be upgraded so why do people say that they are “maxed” and so many people praise them for it? Even worse, someone finishing lvl30/30 heroes will get praised far more than someone who completed lvl65/65/40 heroes. What is the logic here?

Truthfully BK upgrades don’t really interest me. Even with lvl40-50 BK, I really couldn’t tell the difference if I was using my maxed lvl65 BK or my weak lvl45 BK. He doesn’t really scale well into late game given that his health is pretty meager. Those barbs are pretty weak too unless you have eternal tome ready, but wasting two abilities for a small impact is generally ill-advised.

In the past, BK had a small role in barch/gibarch. BK’s iron fist could affect all barbarians, not just those summoned by him. Thus if you had 80-100 barbs in someone’s base and use fist + eternal tome, you could cleave through half the base with just barbarians who cannot die. Now with just 30 buffed barbs, he doesn’t have the same impact.

This picture was taken on the 16th of June and it shows that I’ve just completed the season challenge rewards and have the pekka skin now. Honestly, the main reward is the 20% reduction in research, training and builders. Everything else is just icing on top. These rewards are the reason why I might use inefficient valk/drag armies. Being inefficient for a short while can be worth it if I unlock those discounts earlier and can use them for a longer period of time.

Someone just commented saying that being rushed and having lvl1 troops would be bad for these events. Honestly, you can easily integrate these event troops into your regular barch/miners/QW/electro strategy and get the stars. I personally like using power + training potions to get all the stars since I rarely use those potions anyway. Even 40 stars using dragon was easily completed in less than 2.5 hours using these potions. Even better for me because these troops would be extremely cheap being lvl1 yet having maxed TH12 strength.

Still upgrading traps and defenses. Walls are chugging along and I want to max them out asap. After maxing them, I can upgrade anything in any order I like without care about builder planning


  1. I agree. I told a guy in my clan about you and said you maxed AQ in like 200 days or something crazy like that on a new account. Guess what his response was? “on what TH?” and I thought to myself damn if you read this you would just lose it lol


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