This value pack was offered on 30th July right before the 7th Anniversary event started. These packs are really bad because there were very few magic items. I thought that the anniversary pack would be much better so I didn’t bother with these. When the anniversary pack came, it was worse than what we have here, deplorable!

Used a book of building to skip 2 week of xbow upgrade time again. With this, my 3rd xbow is maxed. I have a few lvl9 (TH11) teslas which I will keep as book of building fodder. If I were a maxer, I would have wasted quite a few books as my buildings are maxed while working on lab/heroes. Books also have far less value for a lower TH level maxer than a high TH level rusher.

BK going to lvl60 now. Compared to my previous post (Day 263), it took me about 45 days to grind 10 BK levels. It takes 56 days with the full gold pass discount to grind 10 levels so 45 days seem reasonable given that I spent some books and there were some days without gold pass discount. At this rate, I would max my BK well before my 11th month. Some good shit over here. It used to be crazy that my account went from 0 to 50/50/20 heroes in 13 months, but these discounts have made it possible to complete heroes in 7-9 months for a dedicated farmer.

I focused my efforts on AQ more which completed in 7 months. If I split that work on BK I might have gotten 65/65/40 earlier, but my AQ would have completed slower. I’d rather get lvl65 AQ earlier because BK is far weaker. BK currently is just a poor man’s pekka at the current meta

At least the hp and dps bar still looks fairly empty even at lvl60 this would seem like he gets some reasonable growth at lvl61-65. He gets about 10% dps and 13% hp in the last 5 levels which most people agree feels like nothing.

Even after upgrading BK, I farmed 40k DE by the end of the day.

Still working on BK and traps before the next CWL season. This picture was taken on 31st Jul which means that the season pass will finish the following day. The 20% discount will expire with the pass and I’m glad that I could squeeze in an extra BK level before that.

I will also get the season bank loot which I will use to upgrade another BK level without any discounts.

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