Just saw that I have a huge backlog of pictures to post on this day so I will post pictures instead of discussing about troops. This picture was taken within the 3rd day of the June update. I spent some gems to complete AQ 62 immediately and used a rune of DE to upgrade her again

AQ going to lvl63, just need another 320k DE to max her out again. QW barch is more fun and slightly less efficient, a good trade off after 4 days of barching on 3 different accounts. The thing that made it feel like a grind was the constant attacking. With such short training times, I can cycle through all 3 accounts and raid non-stop. Sometimes I would need to wait for my army to train because it takes me less than 5min to find and raid a dead base.

Spending gems like water now because heroes are probably the only worthwhile places to spend gems these days. Everything else already has good magic item substitutes so I rarely spend my gems

Warden going to lvl35 here, he’s about halfway done. These 20 hero levels are just a short grind to me to play with. Even with 3 accounts, it was really easy to max out all hero levels. Took me only 4 days on main account and about 2 weeks on this

Progress is good so far. I will post something about troop balance in a couple of hours

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