People are often ashamed to be called “rushed” and it is one of the most common ways to insult someone in clash. This has always been weird to be because I don’t view rushed as a derogatory term. In fact, people in reddit always go to great lengths to avoid called someone “rushed” when they are nearly maxed.

To me, non-maxed = rushed, simple as that. I would consider someone with 25/25 heroes at TH10 to be rushed, because they did not max TH9. Is it fair? I don’t know. I don’t see “rushed” being a bad term, in fact it can be a praise to say that someone has a brain in upgrading their TH. I would actually consider “maxed” a derogatory term, and not a praise.

Most people here in the forums would agree that, “rushed” is not a bad term, “who cares”.

I wanted to find a post in reddit which got a ton of upvotes, but I think the author deleted it. It was about comparing maxing vs min/maxing vs rushing. The problem is that the OP took “half-maxing” where someone maxes maybe defenses or walls then upgrades TH, as “min-maxing”.

Edit: someone found the post

“Min/maxing is the character-building strategy of maximizing a specific desirable ability, skill, or other power of a character and minimizing everything else, seen as undesirable. The result is a character who is excessively powerful in one particular way, but exceedingly weak in others.” – Google

In that case, min/maxing is akin to how I am playing the game, not the “half-maxing” strategy that some people use. Yet so many people are happy to say “yes, I am min/maxing because I don’t rush and don’t max”, somehow implying that rushing is a bad thing. But after consideration, I just commented that rushing is more like “half-maxing” and what I’m doing is the real min/maxing which the author agreed to. I wonder what would happen if he labelled everyone as “strategically rushing”, there would probably be an outcry.

Don’t be ashamed for rushing, instead feel sorry for those to adamantly max out for no reason at all.

Still working on warden, 4.5 levels to go.


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