The reason why I bought the books yesterday is to spend them here. I’m getting 25mil/25mil/240k loot and I’m looking forward to spend them all. I managed to start warden right before the season pass expired, so he only needs 5.5 days to upgrade instead of 7.

Bought the gold pass right away. I should’ve went through the rewards and probably tried to get the 10% builder discount asap. It only took like 60 or 80 points and if I gotten it, I would’ve saved a few mil elixir + 20-30k DE. The worst thing isn’t the loot though, I lost about 0.7 days from each hero upgrade which costs more than a builder potion, ouch.

BK was somehow awake before this upgrade cycle. I’m not sure whether it was a mistake or I intentionally left him awake. I had a builder free just to upgrade him, but I also had enough DE to upgrade him before the season bank reward. Not sure what happened here, oh well

Instantly got warden to lvl39, one more level to go and my elixir is still full

Repeated the same thing and now I have a maxed warden. 90% boost to barch, its going to be so fun. QW barch at full power is insane really, I think that at times, they are much stronger than miners. Barbs can actually survive giant bombs, I just need heal spells to bring them back to full health.

Spent the rest of my gold on walls and they are looking pretty right now. Too bad that walls cost 5mil without the discount so that’s only 5 new walls. Again, if I gotten the 10% discount beforehand I might be able to upgrade one extra wall. That would be huge.

BK upgrading to lvl53 now and I don’t have any books anymore. Used all 3 books today on warden so BK has to settle with slower progress. I will definitely overflow DE in a day or two


  1. Any tips on not getting burnt out with Builder Base? I love farming and maxing heroes, offense, and main base in general but when it comes to Builder Base I barely want to do my attacks. I feel guilty not progressing it knowing there’s a 6th builder out of it.


    • No tips here, just discipline and dedication. I also suffer from lack of motivation here. I just play as I see fit. I dislike the pvp system where loot depends on your enemy as much as yourself


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