People in reddit are starting to advise “upgrade your TH” when people ask the question. This is actually a slow, good change despite lots of people being misinformed and still giving bad advice to max. One of the dumb things maxers say is “upgrade your defense otherwise you would be crushed”, ignoring the wasted progress in doing so and the uselessness of defenses.

Just look at my defense log above, I am only 3 starred twice in masters league despite having only TH8-9 defenses. This is because those attacks are done by competent attackers rather than weak ones. But that is the outlier, not the norm. Furthermore, sometimes maxers boast how few defenses they need to take because people skip their bases. Look at my defense log, notice that I only took 9 defenses in almost 5 days? Yeap, this applies to me as well. I don’t know why but I am hidden to a certain extent as well.

Sun Tzu: “look weak when you’re strong, look strong when you’re weak”

That is the definition of my base which looks much weaker than it appears. People come in unprepared to face the cc electro (which is actually quite weak as cc defense), unexpected strength of lvl1 single inferno tower (which I may upgrade to lvl4-5 soon for cwl), strong giga tesla, regular tesla, xbows and traps. The outer buildings are fluff as the core defenses slam troops as they fail the funnel. Single targets deal with siege machines or strong electro/pekkas.

The base is actually really weak, a regular electro attack can easily crush it, miners will take a little skill/power to push through. However, strong attackers don’t find me because weaker attackers find me first and give me a shield. Most players in this game (and all games for this matter) are generally weaker and less skilled. The key is to let these players find me before the skilled ones.

Maxers think that defenses are important because they realise that maxing defenses does not protect loot at all, so what are the chances of someone who didn’t max. The reality is, you are crushed and your defenses are useless no matter how strong they are. The stronger you are, the stronger your enemies will be. Think logically, will you attack someone if you are not confident? Nobody will attack you if you look too strong for their strength. However the current balance is that there is no such thing as a strong base. Even a maxed TH12 is useless in the current balance of offense:defense.


  1. Hey Sin,

    Thank you for your guide,

    I’ve followed it since my village was TH7, and now it is TH 12 with max wall and max Queen.
    I would like to ask, which defenses should I prioritize to upgrade in order to lower the times of 3 stars by e-dragon in cwl? I have maxed xbows already. Other defenses like th7 defenses.

    Thank you,


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