People often think wrongly about how is rushing and how it affects gameplay. Arguments against rushing is usually weak, based on old information and based on subjective feelings. In reality, rushing has very clear cut and obvious advantages. Here’s some misconceptions about rushers:

1) Your weak defenses are going to get smashed
Truth: No matter how maxed you are in TH8, you cannot stop a TH9 attack, only bad TH9s. No matter how maxed you were in TH8, as a new TH9, you’ll be smashed regardless. Maxers like to bring up the argument that you are going to lose more loot by having weak defenses but in reality, you can only lose a maximum amount of loot each raid. Seeing that my rushed accounts usually only lose about 200k loot per defense, I highly doubt any maxer can conceivably beat that.

Another point is, strong bases attract strong attackers, weak bases attract relatively weaker attackers. If you compare a rusher’s defense log beside a maxer’s one, you’ll realise that most attackers are much weaker in the rusher’s defense log. This is because the major population of the game are weak attackers, these players generally find your base first whether you’re rushed or maxed. If you have strong defenses, they will skip you until eventually the top 5% of attackers will find you and smash your pretty defenses. While with weak defenses, these weak attackers will be compelled to attack but with proper defense setup, the base is stronger than it appears so I can thwart many attempts on my base, just as shown in my defense logs.

Defense is a futile effort:…-now?p=6313486

2) You’ll progress slower by rushing
Truth: As long as you keep all builders busy all the time, you’re going to reach maxed regardless of time. This is something rushers excel at, because we treat “builder time” as the most valuable resource in the game and try to maximize it.

3) Since it takes the exact same amount of time to upgrade, you gain no time by rushing
Truth: A maxer will stay in TH9 for longer time and eventually have idle builders while working on heroes. In fact, it is impossible for a maxer to finish TH9 heroes without finishing defenses unless they deliberately leave idle builders.

A rusher simply reorganizes their entire upgrade order to prioritize offense while neglecting defense. A maxer sets up artificial prerequisites and barriers towards upgrades. For example, a maxer must have 3 lvl6 teslas before they can work on their first level of archer queen, reason being the that is the max level of TH8 teslas and a maxer is not allowed to progress to TH9 before that is complete. A rusher ignores all such barriers and can start grinding AQ far earlier.

4) Loot penalty
Truth: The very definition of loot penalty has been twisted by misguided players such that people think that loot is automatically worse when you upgrade your town hall. If that is the case, why does TH9 get more loot per raid than TH3-5? Why do people say DE is better in TH10/11 if “loot penalty” is real? Loot penalty only applies if you’re hitting a lower TH level, and if you’re farming correctly you won’t really need to hit down for massive collector loot.

If you’re farming correctly, TH9 gains more loot per hour than TH8 and TH10 gains more loot per hour than TH9. In fact, with the abundance of DE in TH10/11, it is almost foolish to farm at any level below TH10. If you are getting less loot when you upgrade your town hall (except TH12), you are probably farming wrongly. With maxed barch, you can farm at full potential even if you skipped almost everything with lab. People think that a rushed lab is automatically bad at attacking, but in reality its just min/maxing the best troops to use and leaving fluff at level 1.

5) Weak in wars
Truth: Doing it correctly, you’ll as good or even better than maxers in wars. You, as a rusher, will meet other rushed or lower level enemies which are easy enough to demolish. A properly rushed TH11 can hit way up and take out a maxed TH11 with the right strategy. Again, a rusher does this by manipulating

The notion that a rushed TH11 pulls in a mid-maxed TH11 is generally false, unless the TH11 is bottom of the map which means his contribution is minimal even if maxed. SC has made great strides in the matchmaking such that you are treated fairly whether you rush or max. The weight of eagle, infernos and xbows have been reduced drastically and even if you built all these defenses, a rushed TH11 will not “suffer” much from the matchmaking.

6) A rusher needs to catch up, a maxer does not
Truth: A maxer might be in a better spot on day one of TH9. But by the time that has happened, a rusher would have been a 2-3 month old TH9. So who is better? New TH9 with 200 camp space, TH8 maxed troops, 10/0 royals, maxed lvl8 walls; or a rushed TH9 with 220 space, lvl 6 farming troops and TH9 war troops, 15/15 royals, half legos.
Now it seems like we have flipped the logic, the maxer has to catch up to lost progress.

In fact, the entire notion of “catching up” is flawed because people seem to think that by skipping most of TH8, you some how need to “catch up” on loss progress when in reality, a rusher is rushing simply to put important things (archer queen) in front of less important things (defenses).

7) A rusher is low-skilled and thus cannot contribute in wars

This has nothing to do with being rushed or not. I’ve seen terrible maxers who cannot shake off old habits and I’ve seen brilliant rushers who can master attacks in days. This has everything to do with willingness to learn and amount of practice.

But let’s put this in an objective arena, let’s say this rusher has been playing for 4 months and is now a TH11, a maxer is just a TH9. The rusher now spends the next 3 months honing their attacking skill as a TH11. The maxer spends the next 3 months honing their skills as a TH9. In the end, who is objectively more skillful? The player who spent 3 months training as a TH11, or the player who never even reached TH11? You can argue that they are different TH levels, but a TH9 usually will not contribute much in wars unlike a proper TH11.

Let’s say the maxer eventually reaches TH11 in another year. Is the player going to be as skillful as someone who has practiced TH11/12 skill for an entire year? The maxer probably never touched a warden before and needs time to acclimatize, the maxer also needs to learn how to deal with the eagle and realise that hogs don’t live very long at TH11. Because most things don’t translate well from level to level, the maxer needs to unlearn bad habits brought from lower levels, learn new high level mechanics then learn to how perfect an attack.

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  1. One of the biggest downsides of rushing is that you can’t complete events with level 1 troops. That’s why I max out. I upgrade troops even if I don’t use them because I don’t want to miss out on event rewards like book of hero or builder’s potion which are really good.


    • Even with lvl1 troops, you can fit them into barch/miners/QW/electro and get 1 stars pretty easily if you want to. Otherwise just power + training potions and you can complete any event easily. Even the “40 stars with dragon” was easily cleared using 3 power and training potions.


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