Still waiting for the TH upgrade, nothing really happening here. I’m upgrading collectors now because of the huge discount they got and these are definitely more worthwhile than upgrading any defense.

6 days to go for the town hall and 4 days for BK. I’ve decided not to upgrade BK again and will let my DE overflow


Lvl11: 110*4mil = 440mil to go

Its actually less than this because I can get huge discounts from the gold pass. The actual value is between 352-396mil which is crazy low. I think I can actually max my TH12 walls in less than 3 months’ time

Walls are really coming in quickly because I’m doing so many short upgrades, I can easily upgrade 2-4 walls per day.

Defense logs:

So despite having crap defenses, I’ve only lost 4,971,236 gold/elixir in total in the last 5.5 days. This equates to a loss of 452k gold + 452k elixir loss per day. Deducting the trophy drop, I was only attacked 11 times in 5.5 days and I lose only 226k gold and 226k elixir per defense. Can anyone now tell me why should I upgrade defenses if I am already losing so little loot? Even my maxed TH12s aren’t losing so little loot, they are losing on average 300-500k.

In the DE side, I’ve lost only 18,559 in 5.5 days. This equates to a loss of 3,374 DE/day which is minuscule compared to what I’m earning. I don’t think a maxed TH8/9 can protect their DE better either, so them throwing away 8k in terms of weak drills is a poor decision. I’m losing less than 1700 DE per raid too, so why are people scared of having weak defenses?

People think that I have strong offenses and I should have strong defenses as well but that is not true at all. If I improve my defenses, my offenses will definitely suffer and I wouldn’t be at this stage of the game. The sad thing is that I would receive way more praise if I had neglected heroes and upgraded defenses, this shows how stupid the reddit community is.

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