One of my very first posts in this blog was “Misconceptions of Rushing“. Looking at the post today, it is still very relevant and I can in fact lengthen the list and make even better arguments for rushing while dispelling even more myths. With some maxers trying to “debunk” me giving really outdated arguments, some even more than 5 years old. I revamped the post so that it is updated, do feel free to click on it.

Also, I have typed two long form responses to misguided maxers on the truth of rushing. You can read them below:

Working on defenses is boring and doesn’t reward well. I have a defense upgrade disaster coming up. If you noticed, I will have 4 buildings completing their upgrades in another 2 days. Usually, that is not ideal because you may not have enough gold to start upgrades. Furthermore, you want builders to be staggered so that you can keep dumping loot into walls. Obviously the latter doesn’t apply to me. The former isn’t a big deal because I am rushed, so my defenses don’t cost too much.

Doing the math, I will only need to spend 14mil gold or so to start 4 upgrades at the time, so it is not a disaster for me. For anyone else, I recommend trying to plan out your builders so that they don’t complete on the same day. In the past, I remember having all upgrades complete at 7am in the morning so that I won’t forget. Upgrades also used to cost exact days, unlike now with the gold pass. No complaints, the gold pass is still really awesome


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