Played some 4d chess here. Firstly, I needed some season challenge points but one of the tasks, collect 1.5mil from gold storage cannot be completed by me because my storage is over the limit. However, if I started an expensive upgrade, it would put me below the limit and I could collect my gold mines which I boosted last night.

167k*7 = 1.17mil so I would need a few hours before

330k / (4.9k*2*7) = 5 hours (330k remainder divided by boosted hourly production of 4.9*2 and number of gold mines)

This means I need to wait about 5 hours after upgrading the tesla before I can complete the task

Then, after I complete this collection task, I would earn enough points to earn myself a book of buildings which I can use to skip the wait timer of this 14 day tesla. Genius move?

Only had 900k in collectors so the wait is longer 😦

And yay, completed a 12 day upgrade “for free” after 11 hours of waiting. The bigger bonus is that now my gold is below the limit and I can finally start farming some gold again. I could have done these expensive upgrades earlier to put me below the limit. This means probably 1-2 builders on long, 14 day upgrades while the other 2-3 builders work on short 1-3 day upgrades to balance out. This is something I would do for next month

It still doesn’t help my overflowing elixir problem though which will plague me for another week. This is why I’m can use any army I like without much consequences. This is why you want to be efficient to max walls early, so that you don’t ever need to worry about these things anymore.

Now I’m upgrading defenses full time which all cost only a few days. Within a month, my defenses will improve significantly. I’m currently only upgrading defenses which will help against electros, despite them failing against my base. I was only 3 starred once in the last CWL despite such weak defenses which was amazing. Once my defenses are TH10 level, I will work on ground defenses so that I can stop miners. My war base is actually pretty weak to miners but fortunately only one enemy used miners against me which failed to 3 star.

Party wizards have been such a mediocre troop, barely stronger than a wizard which is a horrendously weak troop. A very underwhelming event troop overall

Attack log

At least they are decent with warden but definitely not very strong. I would definitely do better in my attacks if I used bowlers instead. Loot in champs 3 is really good, if you at least have a maxed warden you can stop barching and start farming here.


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