I have been upgrading 4 defenses all the time for a while and now I remember that maxers follow the same route most of the time as well. This may be another reason why maxers don’t defend at all, because they have 4-5 defenses upgrading at once. Why max TH9 defenses when you have 5 lvl0 defenses when you reach TH10?

Really, it makes no logical reason to have strong defenses when you upgrade 4-5 of them at the same time. Your non-functional defenses still scare away weak attackers and strong attackers would lick their lips seeing multiple upgrading defenses.

Currently my plan is to upgrade one of each archer tower, wizard tower, air defense and inferno until they are maxed for TH11. After that, I would consider which to upgrade to max and which to use books/hammers on. Air defenses would complete soon, followed by infernos. “Soon” is relative, in reality I would only complete them in October which is still quite a while.

Defense log:

Now this is the crazy part of my post today, just look at how many defensive wins I got despite having such weak defenses. This is evidence on why you shouldn’t bother with defenses. I can defend perfectly fine in CWL and normal raids so why bother upgrading defenses when you have offense to do? The crazy thing in reddit is that people judge whether you are rushed or not purely on your defenses. People even suggest to sacrifice magic items and AQ just to upgrade defenses futilely in TH8.

Ironically, the worst time I lost my loot is when someone used goblins (final attack in the list) and took a ton of loot without giving me a shield. I would probably be able to get a shield if my defenses were weaker. As a result of that defense, I lost almost 700/700k in that defense session. In the past, this is what made me realize that defenses are actually harmful because you can lose more loot if someone didn’t give you a shield. This made is hard to farm in crystal/masters when you have strong defenses because people keep dropping troops to push you to champs and a lot will snipe some collectors/storages for loot. This can cause me to lose 1mil/1mil per night.


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