Attacking in the builder base can be really frustrating at times, at least this day isn’t bad at all. I got my 3 wins within 5 attacks which is great. Sometimes you hit losing streaks in the builder base which just makes you want to quit playing it altogether. Sometimes you lose a ton despite getting 90+% every single attack

I’m able to float around 3900-4300 even without heroes and rushed defenses. Dropship minions are really strong which is why I think players should upgrade them, but barbs and carts can be equally as good in skilled hands. Carts are required for OTTO so they are essentially free in that sense and barbs are really cheap to max out compared to all other troops. Furthermore, a new player would be more rushed in terms of defense and even with good skill, they may not be able to survive at 4000 anyway. Hence, I think when I revamp my BH guides, I will recommend barbs + carts as with my previous recommendations.

Home base attack log:

Using electro dragons to farm at this moment just to farm casually. I can usually keep my builders busy easily with a few raids per day but sometimes I find it hard to keep upgrading stuff. Even with just casually playing, you need to be efficient at times. I don’t recommend using this army if you still have a ton of heroes and walls to upgrade. Just look at my attack logs and you’ll see that my income is really weak compared to barch.


It is hilarious that people need 5 attacks to finally 3 star me. Three of those attacks were from TH12 before someone finally took me down. I was only using cc electros instead of my usual 3 witch cc for CWL. Now, if their 3 star eventually won them the war, it would be great. In the past (2017), being a rushed TH11 was bad because it was almost impossible to 3 star a good TH11. If your rushed TH11 was 3 starred, it usually meant you lost the war.

In the old TH11 meta, let’s say you’re warring with 5 TH11 and 10 TH10 and you’re matched with a similar enemy. Before the war even starts, you’ll know that the score would likely be 40-40 because all TH11 would be 2 starred and all TH10 would be 3 starred. If you had a rushed TH11 and you were 3 starred, that meant you automatically lost the war. This is part of the reason why the myth that “rushers are bad for war” still exists.

However, in the current TH12 meta:

While my base was eventually 3 starred, I was able to dish out 2 triples in my attacks which made my defense irrelevant. I did the classical “took 3 but dealt 6” approach and just decimated them. It also helped that my other 2 bases got 6 stars as well and we got the perfect war.

I know I am currently carrying my clan, they’re very casual anyway. If anyone wants to join the clan, I would accept up to 5 new members. I will try my best to accept you guys before the others reject you. Just mention “dusk” in the clan invite and I’ll accept you if I’m online.


  1. Hey, sin ive been here since like day 20 sorta dropped off on like day 250 but besides that… I would really enjoy you doing a journal on rush wars if that goes globally or any other game like this it makes me want to play haha. Keep up the good work! Im also 15 and from the US!


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