Unlocked the super pekka in the builder base, now I can spend some elixir to max him out. He takes an exorbitant amount of elixir to max but will be eventually worth it. I don’t like it in the builder base where troops start out at lvl1 and only become useful at lvl18 in BH9. Troops like drop ships and super pekka should be cheaper at the early levels so that you don’t need to spend 2 months just to max it.

Since this day was the last day of the season, I had to sell my rune for gems otherwise it would be lost. This current Sept season will have 5 runes again, I’ll most likely sell at least 2 of these runes (DE and elixir). I can use the builder runes for walls or lab upgrades so they will be useful.

I completed the event which required me to destroy some town halls and got a free book of building.

Then I promptly bought the pack with one book of building, one book of fighting and one builder potion for $5. This allowed me to bring two of each books into the new season.

My analysis of those packs: https://clashguideswithdusk.net/2019/08/30/end-of-summer-sale/

I plan to make analyses of any new value pack going forward so that you guys can have an informed decision on which to buy.

SC gave us so many things to prepare for the season bank overflow, yet I see so many players complain about it in reddit. If players prepared well, they could easily spend all the 25mil loot as soon as they get it. The fact that they are COMPLAINING about it just drives me insane.

For those who don’t know, I have a few TH11 defenses that I usually don’t upgrade (teslas and xbows). I only use them as places to use books so that I can maximize book efficiency. This is another advantage of rushing, because I can use books on 14 day upgrades rather than 5-8 days if I maxed lower levels.

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