Finally, a set of packs that are good, let me breakdown all of them so that you can make an informed decision on which packs are good. Note the prices are in MYR, I will discuss them in terms of USD which is 4 times stronger (USD100 = MYR400). I’ll start from left to right:

Tl;dr: buy the 4th pack unless you’re rich

The first pack is basically 3 hammers of heroes + 3 hammers of buildings + book of heroes for $50. It is probably the worst pack cost-wise. You’ll never need so many runes as a budget player and almost half the price of this pack is tied to these runes. It can skip 28 hero days and 42 building days. It is about $7/book, not that good.

Cost-wise, the second pack seems better. It is basically 2 hammer of heroes and 1 hammer of fighting for $20. At less than half price, it has more books and less resources. I still think its quite bad because you’re only skipping 14 hero days and 14 lab days. About $6.67/book, I don’t think its a value proposition. For reference, a single hero upgrade with no books will cost you 1000 gems which is about $8.33 if you buy the gems outright. (1200 gems for $10)

The third pack gives 1 book of everything and 1 book of spells. Book of spells is objectively the worst book (and worst hammer) out there because spells take shorter time to upgrade. The longest spell upgrade is only 11.5 days long and a book of spells generally cost the same as a book of fighting. A book of everything is generally valued more by SC, not sure why but it is only worth a single book of building/fighting. This pack is about $5/book which makes it more efficient than the last pack.

The fourth pack is the best pack out there, downright. If you have the spare cash, this is where you’re going to spend it. Note that there are no resources in this packs which is why it is so good. This packs gives one book of building and one book of fighting, both can skip 14 days each. On top of that, it gives one builder potions which is always great. At $2.50/book, it is undoubtedly the best pack among the bunch. SC needs to take this into account in the future, not many people want to buy resources. Admittedly there are no book of heroes but that book is always overpriced and not very valuable.

The fifth pack is simply some resources plus a shovel of obstacle for $3. If you desperately need a shovel, feel free to buy it. It is not really worth it though, since shovels are pretty common in events and clan games.

That ends my analysis. The fourth pack which costs $5 for two books and a builder potion is the most cost-efficient. The rest are only good if you have a lot of disposable income


  1. Hey Sin,

    I love the idea of analyzing the value of special offers like this. So I can decide which packs should I buy.

    Thank you for the post.



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