Yay, free loot! Some people complained about free loot in the forums and reddit alike.

For those who don’t know, you have something called the “loot cap” where you cannot lose more loot from your storages after a certain amount. At TH11/12, your loot cap is 4.5mil. This means you will lose maximum amount of loot from your storage after you reach 4.5mil gold/elixir, which is 450k. Even if you have 37mil gold or 100mil gold, you will lose the same amount of loot (450k) regardless.

For more info: how does the loot system work?

Some genius in the forums proposed that the loot should be stored in the treasury instead because it is the “safest place to store loot” which is blatantly false. Loot from the treasury is not bound to the loot cap and does not suffer from loot penalty. If you already achieved the loot cap, the treasury allows for EXTRA loot to be stolen, not protected. For good farmers like me, achieving the loot cap isn’t a problem so the treasury loot causes more losses.

Can’t spend the loot in my lab for now, so I’m using research potions to bring the upgrade closer. Even with 2 potions which costs 150 gems or 40 medals, I can only speed up the upgrade by 18 hours. Knowing that 925 gems or 120 medals can skip an entire 14 day upgrade, the value proposition here is deplorable. Fortunately these are free research potions from clan games and events.

First things first, I will need to find the 10% builder discount and try to reach it. This time, the builder discount costs only 120 points which should be easily doable.

The easiest task in the initial offering was this one. Since I need to win 3 battles here, I can do my daily raids at the same time. After a string of losses, I managed to win my daily raids at the same time as completing this task. Only took me 8 raids to get my daily loot and the 15 stars necessary. God I hate the losing streaks in builder base.

After getting the 10% discount, I still need to wait another 3h45m for my builder to complete. Then I can finally spend my loot and books which I bought yesterday

Eagle, done. I think this upgrade actually made my base weaker because lvl3 eagle activates later than lvl2, which is a hidden nerf not mentioned anywhere in the building itself. Eagle is already crap defense, being able to fire once or twice before being destroyed. Activating later just serves to make it worse

At least xbows gain a ton of stats at lvl6, a good buff in this year’s update. All defenses should grow like this from TH11 to TH12, so that low levels don’t get to crush us TH12s so easily.

I personally still prefer the gladiator queen, don’t like the red/orange motive in the previous skins. I’ll use autumn queen for now to show off, but will change back to gladiator after this season ends.

No picture of my base for now, forgotten to take a picture after using so many books

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