The beginning of the month is always the best for me because I can read and enjoy the tears of players who do not understand the CWL system. The system rewards progression much more than skill so being a skillful TH9 is useless because it is a weak base. (Read: Four pillars of clash) Many players especially in reddit don’t seem to understand this, they seem to think that skill should be everything in determining win/loss in CWL but this isn’t the intention of the developers. This was why regular clan wars are flawed because they don’t reward you if you progress, and it used to punish you for progressing.

I know for a fact that a few in my clan don’t quite like the system but it only took some simple explanation to make them see the bigger picture and why SC wants to do it this way. Another thing is probably having me jeopardizing them. If they had weaker TH12s, they would probably not reach crystal 1 and get matched unfavorably.

Here’s a video of all my lab upgrades I did today:

So now I have hogs upgraded to lvl2, and it will take me another month before I can use them in war. Still need a day to upgrade anything with my builders so gold will overflow for some time.

Bought an extra book of heroes here to use on battle machine at the end of the month. BM upgrading to lvl25 now, he will hopefully be maxed before 20th Sept. I will use this book and the one from season pass to bring him from lvl28 to 30 instantly.


  1. Hey Sin I’ve asked a few Questions in the past that u didn’t answer. but please if u answer any then Answer this. Basically I am th9, aq 15 bk 11. I am wondering if I should go to th10 or not, so please can u take a look at my profile and my base (I am on Ur TinySin’s friend list as Benji) and then can u tell me would u say I am ready for th10. and another thing is – when should I upgrade witches? all the best, and many thanks in advance . and I hope for u to reply


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