Sigh, loot is full again despite just upgraded some stuff. I usually store a ton of clan war and daily star bonus loot and collect it whenever I do a few major upgrades. This allows me to raid <4 times a day and still keep my builders busy which makes things way too easy. Even when dealing with major losses in defense

It also seems like my stronger defenses are finally hurting me as I get 100% more often than protecting loot these days. It may also be due to the poor cc choice I have right now (ice pekka for attacking). I need to consciously use the correct defensive cc so that I have a chance of defense otherwise I would get crushed by electro spam attacks. I might change to a trophy layout soon.

Upgraded hogs to level 3. This was before the nerf was announced. Had I known about the nerf, I would’ve upgraded something else. Does anyone have any suggestion on what to upgrade after I work on wall wrecker, stone slammer and jump spell? Hogs just seem completely unusable against maxed TH12 now.

This task has been a thorn on my side for quite a while because I started a 4 day mortar upgrade right before it appeared. This task was revealed a week ago and I just completed it just 2 days ago.

Now, the other task which required me to break a ton of walls was really fun. I just dropping trophies like mad and that made match ups much easier after completing this quest. Honestly, with the frustration of the builder base normally, I would be happy if there was a button to drop 400 trophies instantly so that I can get 3 wins more easily. As is, the quickest method is to drop during a clock tower boost and I still need to wait for my enemy to finish their raid.


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