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Finally, your rush has come to an end, temporarily. The main reason you want to rush so quickly here is to progress in the builder base faster. The faster progress then translates into faster unlocking of the OTTO builder which is the 6th builder in your main base. Having him early allows you to max out TH12 much faster. If you have followed my previous guides, you will still be short of a lot of upgrades for the OTTO but don’t worry because here is the time to catch up on all those upgrades. You would complete the upgrades faster than if you maxed out lower levels, this really puts a spin into the “catching up” narrative eh?

Let’s revise the requirements for the OTTO:

  1. Geared up all 3 of: double cannon, archer tower, multi-mortar
  2. Have lvl18 cannon carts
  3. Have lvl9 mega tesla
  4. Have lvl30 builder machine

Of these, the longest and hardest would be getting your lvl30 BM. You will be spending months just working on this but don’t worry, it will pay off in the end. Conveniently, completing this list above is almost the most efficient route to progress your BH9 so this guide will focus on completing the tasks above while progressing efficiently at the same time.

First priority upgrades:

  1. OTTO hut lvl1. This is just a free building which costs 100k gold. If you can upgrade this further, do so.
  2. New walls, new firecrackers, new spring trap and new mega mine. A few new defenses would greatly increase your strength above BH8s.
  3. You should have 4mil elixir right now. First, spend all your gold on walls then upgrade star lab to lvl9
  4. If you don’t have 4mil elixir, build your new lvl1 lava launcher then star lab afterwards. If you had the 4mil, build your lava launcher after star lab is done.
  5. Save up for barbs lvl18. This upgrade would hopefully allow you to get a few hundred trophies. Without cannon carts, it will be a little hard to push higher but it is possible.
  6. Elixir collector to lvl9 then gold mine to lvl9. The earlier you upgrade your passive income, the better you will be.
  7. Clock tower to lvl9. This is another valuable upgrade, allowing to gain more loot per day and upgrade BM faster. Battle machine for lvl10-25 is time-gated meaning you will have more than enough elixir for these levels but you’ll be waiting for time. Having a high level clock tower allows you to finish these upgrades more quickly.
  8. Elixir storage to lvl9 will help you store more elixir between BM upgrades. It is not really mandatory if you have the gold pass active.
  9. Gold storage lvl9 is needed for mega tesla if you don’t have the gold pass. If you have the gold pass, this upgrade is not necessary. You should
  10. Battle machine all the way to lvl30 once barbs are done. You probably only have lvl5-10 BM right now so it will take 2 to 3 months. Be patient here, just forge on and upgrade your battle machine.

Second priority upgrades:

As a BH9, pure barbs will be just fine to float around 3200-4000 depending on your skill. You will need cannon carts to push slightly higher but then you would be limited by your defenses. No matter how strong your offense is, you cannot climb if you constantly get 3-starred. The loot between leagues doesn’t increase drastically and you may actually waste more loot working on unnecessary stuff than what you earn from higher leagues. Just use pure barbs until you eventually max out cannon carts.

  1. While working on battle machine, you would inevitably have overflowing gold. When your gold is full, use your builder to upgrade your mega tesla and spend your elixir on cannon carts in lab. Do this until either is maxed.
  2. If elixir is overflowing, keep upgrading battle machine while you upgrade cannon carts in the lab.
  3. Once mega tesla is maxed and your gold is overflowing, upgrade some defenses.
    • Upgrade your double cannon to lvl4-5. This will allow you gear up your double cannon later on.
    • Then work on archer towers to lvl6. This will allow you to gear up your archer tower.
    • Afterwards, work on multi-mortar to lvl8 so that you can do your gear-up afterwards
    • If you have overflowing elixir while working on these defenses, upgrade cannon carts or super pekka in the lab.
  4. If you ever have a situation where you don’t have enough elixir for BM and not enough gold to upgrade any defense/trap, use this opportunity to send your master builder to gear up your double cannon. The two day upgrade time will allow you to farm more loot for your upgrades.
  5. Once all defenses above are done, work on some traps and other defenses. Upgrade depending on what you are facing. If you have a lot of enemies using drop ships, upgrade your air bombs. For witches, a few levels on roasters and lava launcher would do. For pekka, double cannon and crushers are your friends.
  6. If you have spare book of buildings, it may be worth it to spend them on the archer tower and mortar gear up. Since these gear ups take way too long, the time saved would be worth it. It also reduces the time it takes to unlock OTTO which would pay for itself.
  7. This entire section would last about 2-3 months but eventually, you will finish your BM lvl30. Once that’s done, upgrade all remaining OTTO requirements and unlock him!

Third priority upgrades (post-OTTO)

  1. By now, you can just upgrade whatever you want. I suggest maxing gem mines sooner rather than later. After that you can unlock hog gliders which are currently the top meta troop in the game.
  2. For lab work at this point, upgrade super pekkas to lvl18 because they are really a powerhouse for mid-late BH9. You will notice that you cannot push beyond 4000 or so because of your weak defenses, this is why settling on a weaker army (barbs + carts) was ok because you are not limited by offense, rather by defense.
  3. Work on maxing all your traps first before defenses, they provide more value for less cost.
  4. For defenses, I suggest upgrading everything according to cost, from cheapest to most expensive until everything is lvl6-8. After that, focus on defenses that will help you push higher.

Well, that’s it for my BH9 guide. Hope you find it useful. It will take a few months to upgrade your BM which is the main bulk of the guide. Once he’s done, the rest of the OTTO requirements will be easy. I suggest sending the master builder to the main base because there isn’t much to do in the builder base. You’ll be limited by resources so having two builders won’t help much in the builder base.


  1. I have a question, I started an account about 3 months ago and I have been following your guide in both bases. I am about to go to BH9, however my homebase defense is level 1 so I would not be able to gear it up. Should I just level 1 cannon, 1 at and 1 mortar up to the required level?


  2. Hi Sin, I have followed this guide and have all collectors max, barbs going to lvl 17, cannon carts lvl 10, MT level 6, BM level 5.

    I’m going to TH12 at the end of the season and I really want OTTO for the 6th builder in the main village. I have about 6000 gems spare, what is the most efficient use of these in the Builder Hall? Upgrade time on BM? Loot cycle?


  3. Is it ever worth dumping gold into walls? I have all the gold OTTO requirements, I can only upgrade BM once before I overflow on gold again and it’s pretty annoying


  4. Hey Sin, my BM is at level 22. Just wondering what you recommend in the lab after BM is max. I have max barbs and cannon carts, lvl 10 wb. Everything else is lvl 1. Currently thinking either Super Pekka or Giants but you mention Hog Gliders are really good. Floating around 3200 because my base is mega rushed.


  5. Hey, you say BM levels 10-25 are time gated but I just don’t see that. For example, BM level 15 costs 2.5m elixir and finishes in 2 days. How would you get that much elixir in 2 days? Maxed out collectors give 288000 elixir per day and it’s hard to get more than 400k elixir per day from battles at that stage imo. Even if it was 500k, that would give a little more than 1.5m. For level 20 BM it costs 3m and finishes in 3 days. That would require 1m elixir per day. I don’t see how that’s possible.


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