Spent 120 medals and skipped 14 days of my inferno tower upgrade. This is my second maxed inferno and my final one is going to lvl5 now. I plan to farm a little more afterwards and use my book of everything to skip the final one. I aim to complete infernos and air defenses first then focus on other defenses.

The remaining 14 day upgrades I have are wizard towers, mortar and bomb towers. I have not upgraded them to maxed TH11 level yet so I cannot use books and hammers on them. But it seems like I may not have enough books to complete them so I will maximize those magic items on wizard towers first before moving on to mortar and bomb tower.

After spending all my gold from yesterday, I am still overflowing on elixir and DE. This is tough because there is a season challenge which requires me to collect from my elixir pumps. With my 26mil elixir, I cannot complete this challenge which rewards 200 points. The only easy way out is to train and cancel my army for about 80 times to drain my elixir. It costs me elixir to train an army, but I am not refunded for its cost because my elixir is over the limit. This is worth it for the 200 points and all the discounts I can get.

Started a short and a long upgrade here. One cannon and one wizard tower. I don’t really plan these upgrades, rather I just start one upgrade after another. Wizard tower done? Start another wizard tower. This planning is so easy but not the most optimal. Optimally, I should start upgrades based on when they end, trying to arrange it so that I have one builder coming free every day. This will spread out my farming load.

Hog riders going to lvl5. They will be maxed before the next CWL and I hope I can learn how to use hogs after the nerf.


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