Started the day by completing the unbuild it achievement and getting 50 gems. People somehow like to say I’m a filthy gemmer but don’t bother to look through my journals to see how many gems I actually buy. Hint: if I have 10k gems 8 months ago and 10k gems now, it means I’ve barely used any gems.

Hammered my last air defense to make them all maxed. Now I have 4 WT and 2 bomb towers to hammer/book. I’m thinking that I will buy less hammers now so that I can stockpile a ton of medals for TH13. At TH13, I would most likely be able to keep all 3 heroes upgrading so I can buy a ton of builder potions to quickly max my heroes again. I hope the TH13 value pack has good value like the old ones we used to have.

Elixir still overflowing 10 days after the season started but I can soon start farming elixir again. I think SC will going to release TH13 in the middle of the month so we cannot stockpile too much resources into TH13. My main account isn’t going to face any problems because I’ll stay in legends until the update drops which should allow me to bring 30mil into TH13. For this account, I might buy the TH12 value pack then the TH13 pack to jump start my TH13 journey. I will need to know the new upgrades and their cost to make an informed decision on that though.

Poison spell is going to max soon then I’ll work on dragons. Since TH13 is coming out in December, I plan to keep a book of fighting for the upgrade. This means I will need to bring dragons to lvl6 before using a book unless I can get another book from event/clan games/value packs.

Farming casually now to keep builders upgrading. My schedule is a little less tight now, only working 80-90 hours per week instead of the 110 initially.

I’m only attacking anything that has more than 550k to make each raid worth it. Despite this, it still takes at least 7 raids per day to keep my builders busy. I need to farm 5.6mil per day on average to keep my builders busy and I’m farming almost 800k per attack. However because of my poor builder planning, sometimes I need to farm 12mil in a day and sometimes I don’t need to farm at all. I’ll need to spend some time restructuring my upgrades to ensure that I can farm evenly without much spikes and troughs.

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