Poison spell to lvl5

Then I collected DE from my treasury and season challenges to start the next upgrade. Used my second book from my season challenge rewards to get poison to max immediately.

Dragon going to lvl2 now. I plan to upgrade it to max because they can be useful. My main has never used them in war before though. My attacks against regular bases using drag clone has been abysmal.

The clan game rewards for Nov has been announced and among the rewards is a book of fighting. This gives me access to 3 books in total, one in my storage, one in season challenge and one from clan games. This allows me upgrade dragons to lvl5 normall then use 2 books to max out dragons this month (picture was taken on 12th Nov).

Defensive progress is so boring, I always struggle to find something to comment when looking at my base.

Cannons reaching maxed TH11 level (lvl15). By December, I would have “caught up” to a maxer who has maxed TH11, except that I have maxed my heroes half a year ago and has been cruising with maxed TH12 war troops. This is why the concept of “catching up” is stupid. A rusher doesn’t need to catch up to a maxer. In fact, the maxer has been to catch up to me!


  1. Hi Sin,
    Im a rushed Th11 following your way and currently have BK at 13 and AQ at 33. I can farm fast enough to always have my AQ down but not enough to have both without delaying the other. Should I delay AQ progress to work on BK or is it not the worst thing.


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