Kicked off the day with a lvl10 RC upgrade. I am thinking whether or not to use her and try her out for a few raids when she wakes up in 4 days time. Getting to try out lvl10 RC would be fun and it would serve as a mini reward for this grind thus far. A training potion here would allow me to use her about 9-10 times over an hour to get a sense of how strong she is as well.

So far, I am apprehensive about recommending anyone to rush to TH13 right now because TH13 is so weak. You will need to spend at least 1-2 months to upgrade your giga inferno, scattershot and RC to be slightly stronger than a maxed TH12. It will still be faster to rush to TH13 and crush TH12 rather than to max out TH12, but the effort required here is still monumental. Recommendation to rush? Neutral.

This screen shows both my most favorite and hated events of all time. The one-gem resource boost is the best event here because the amount of raidable bases increase by a lot. Collector raids become more abundant because collectors just need to accumulate for 8-10 hours before they become ripe for the picking.

On the other hand, the 1-gem army boost is my most hated event because everyone because much more active and the amount of loot decreases substantially. Clouds and nexting times increase as well which makes for an unpleasant farming experience. I basically need to boost to get my regular loot which is not good farming.

This account is far slower because I don’t spend as much books and gems, nor time. At least warden is progressing normally, completed 2 levels in 2 weeks.

RC going to lvl10 and people will erroneously say that she is halfway done. Looking at her time cost, I’m only 1/5 the way done! She takes 90 days in total to max out and I have only completed about 2 weeks so far. People think that having a lvl35 AQ/BK means they’re halfway done but they are sorely mistaken. Lvl50 is where the actual midpoint is.

3 buildings coming free tomorrow so I will need to farm gold for the giga inferno upgrade. The other two upgrades will be cheap a cheap storage and a trap. Since my DE is going to be full again, I will use a BoH to skip an AQ level then use the builder to upgrade something else. This account is far more casual in approach so I will use books on AQ so that I don’t need to farm without her. However, this actually slows me down because I cannot do QW with a dead queen and half my army dedicated to healers.


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