Warden’s growth is really bad, I wonder why I still want to upgrade him. He gains nothing for his life aura which is his strongest ability and only 1.5% dps and 1% hp per level. This means that he gains <20% stats over 10 levels and his stats weren’t gamebreaking to begin with. This is consistent with everything we’ve seen with TH12.25 so far, a lot of do-nothing upgrades and too much fluff.

Finally spent my gold and elixir so now I can continue farming DE. I need to farm another 63k DE to cap out my DE. I also still have 4 (four!) books of hero to use: one currently in my storage, one from clan game and two from the rewards. I need to use my current one then claim the clan game one before I can buy the 2 from the deal. Otherwise, I cannot collect it the other way round.

I will need to farm a ton of DE by tomorrow to use this book of hero, then I can claim 3 more in my inventory to use after season bank. I also have two books of everything just like my main account, again I plan to use it on my lab to complete a troop upgrade. Luckily this account has a ton of cheap upgrades (lightning spell and wizard), so I can do those upgrades while I farm the elixir required for another TH13 troop upgrade.

I’m pretty busy right now as I am moving across countries, yet I have a ton of upgrades on both accounts. Once more heroes are done, I can do a few long defense upgrades which means less farming.

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