After looking at the price, I felt that the upgrade is not worth it because I still haven’t claimed the 10% discount.

I actually spent 100 gems here to skip the wait and grind for the extra points. The only easy task I had was to kill 1000 hero levels and I didn’t have the time. Good use of gems? Definitely no. Worth it? Borderline.

Now I only need to wait 14.5 days for the upgrade which is much more tenable. 16 days is just crazy for an upgrade, SC has really played their hand well with the gold pass. They made TH13 upgrades pretty expensive but reasonable if you had the gold pass.

I spent the other half of my elixir to upgrade warden to lvl45. Its pretty sad that he gains nothing from leveling up so I am still questioning why I want to upgrade him. Seriously, for most players I would say a lvl30 warden would be good enough then you should just use books for the remaining levels. You can easily farm without all other heroes, but the warden is absolutely crucial for cheap attacks.

I get to chill the next two days while I slowly fill up my storages. In the mean time, I can focus on main account and max its walls soon. With two cheap upgrades coming up (another gold and elixir storage), I plan to gem my RC as soon as I fill up my DE storage.

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